Please, please, please.

First of all, congratulations to all the Swifties who’ve been invited to the #1989SecretSessions! I am so happy for you because I know how much Taylor means to me, and therefore, how she means to you!

Secondly, this is an open letter to one of the most brilliant people in the world, taylorswift. You don’t know me, but I know a little bit about you. I know how many Grammys you’ve won (seven), I know your birthday (December 13th), I know your your middle name (Alison).

I also know that when you were in school, you didn’t always feel like you fit in. I know that someone broke your heart so badly that you wrote an entire album about it. I know these things because you’ve let the world hear your your stories. You’ve put into words the feeling I had when I was 13 and I had no idea where I was supposed to fit in this world, you’ve described the feeling I had when I was 15 and I just wanted someone to want me, you’ve eloquently phrased my feeling of being 21 and carefree with my friends.

I know a few things about you, so I just wanted you to know a few things about me. From the first time I heard ‘Tim McGraw’, you captivated me with your sense of truth and courage and vulnerability. I’ve loved you and your music since I was 13 and you were 16. So, thank you. Thank you for being in my life for the last 8 years without even knowing it.

I’ve seen every single one of your tours and I haven’t met you yet, but I’m convinced one day I will. You’ve given me a lot, so I hope you don’t mind I ask you for one more thing. I’d like to ask if I may be invited to any other #1989SecretSessions you might have, or maybe we can get a latte together, or maybe next time I see you on tour you’ll hug me in the crowd.

Either way, I just want to thank you in person for being my constant inspiration.

Your fan (and self-proclaimed Swifty),

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Sep 30th
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I think when it comes to females in the media you’ll see something that kind of upsets me which is that females are pinned up against each other more so than men. You know, for example like you never see online “vote for who has the better butt - this actor or this actor.” It’s always like this female singer and this female singer. And you get to vote. I mean, it’s daily I see these things and these polls like “let us know who’s sexier, who’s the hotter momma” and I just don’t see it like “who’s the hotter dad” you know? I think that one thing that I do believe as a feminist is that in order for us to have gender equality we have to stop making it a girl fight and we have to stop being so interested in seeing girls trying to tear each other down, it has to be more about cheering each other on as women. That’s just kind of how I feel about it.

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