WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it

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Jul 31st
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"taylor swift should write a song called ‘maybe i’m the problem’"

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Anonymous: I am really curious about product placement in television and movies and was wondering about TFIOS appearing in Orange is the new Black.


Yes, I paid OITNB to call me a sick fuck.

No, I didn’t. The show’s creator is a fan of the book and a friend of mine and I’ve met a bunch of people in the cast, which I assume is why they did it, but yeah I was delighted. It was not, however, a paid product placement.

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Jul 31st
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in movies when kids sneak out through their windows and im just like why dont you have screens in your windows who doesnt have screens in their windows what do you just let bees and bugs and birds and shit fly into your room what the fuck

#literally just had to google that#apparently screens are widely used in Australia USA and Canada#in Europe we deal with stuff that comes through the window like a man(x)

this is why you guys had the black plague.

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Jul 29th
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everyone tell me abt ur day. how did your eyeliner go? did u flirt with somebody? drink enough water? make a white man nervous?

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*wakes up at 9* nice

*immediately falls asleep, wakes up at noon* less nice

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Jul 29th
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